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Well-packaged food is a must-have for consumers everywhere.

Food shipping is a growing industry, but it demands the right materials

In the old days, we were all fairly limited about what sorts of food and drink products were available to us. If there wasn’t a market in your local area that sold the items you liked, you were simply out of luck. There was no way to get the products you wanted, affordably and sanitarily, without buying local.

When food and drink are available to people near and far, everyone wins.

Times are changing now. The food shipping industry and shipping food grade pallets are starting to take off. For food production companies, this is a major development, as it allows them to tap into new markets and reach additional customers. For consumers, it means more dining options. When food and drink are available to people near and far, everyone wins.

The shipping trend is on the rise

We used to have limited dining options, but the evolution of domestic trade has dramatically changed that paradigm. Now, we can order food from wherever we please.

According to US Business Executive, the direct shipping trend is a development that’s had a major impact on the food industry. The news source specifically highlighted boxes of wine as a product that’s become more prominent. In fact, the United States is gaining on wine-rich France in production volume of late because of startups like VinoPRO that are able to efficiently ship it.

As food and wine delivery keeps improving, consumers’ tastes are sure to change accordingly.

Safe and secure shipment is key

Of course, for your company to be efficient and well-respected for its food shipment prowess. You need to have safe and reliable delivery practices. No one wants to spend a lot of money on wine only to get a shipment of broken glass and spilled bottles.

Customers want wine bottles that are high-quality and safely shipped.Customers want wine bottles that are high-quality and safely shipped.

According to shipping research from UPS, the most important part of shipping food and drink is keeping it securely wrapped. Foil, plastic wrap and other similar materials can be used to keep things snug and well-protected.

Packaging plays a crucial role as well. Luckily, at Eco Pallets, we have a strategy for that.

How plastic pallets can help

If your business is considering branching out when it comes to shipping food and drink, we cannot recommend highly enough that you consider plastic pallets as your delivery packaging of choice. There have been major improvements in eco-friendly plastic pallet design over the years. Pallets are now the norm in many industries, food production included.

Our pallets are hygienic and impervious to moisture and acids. If you want to ensure that your food products stay safe, sanitary and free from unexpected damage, you can’t find a better option.

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