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Give your clients the gift of a EcoPallet.

Pay it forward: How your customers will benefit from plastic pallets

Using plastic pallets over wooden pallets can have a range of benefits. For starters, they’re lightweight and have no mould or dust contaminants. They’re impervious to weak acids, moisture, and alkalis. Another advantage that many do not think of is how advantageous it can be to let your customers keep them after the delivery of your goods.

There are occasions when you might not always need to take the pallets back. This can be an opportunity to impress even further with the gift of a plastic pallet.

Fantastic plastic

The added value a plastic pallet can provide for a customer can be aesthetic, as they look better than wooden pallets. Therefore, influences the way the goods are immediately perceived. But it’s more than just looks – their higher quality finish is far more than surface deep.

A plastic pallet can make a great gift with purchase.A plastic pallet can make a great gift with a purchase.

When a company uses plastic pallets, they can sell that to their clients as an added bonus. So not only are they getting the product, but they’re also getting a high-quality pallet that they can reuse – or resell – if they’d like.

The ongoing benefits

Because pallets have a long working life, your customers will be able to use them up to 10 times longer than a wooden pallet. If they decide to on-ship them with their own goods inside, they’ll be saving money as plastic pallets are lighter and cost less to ship. Because pallets can be branded, a firm is able to get extra mileage out of their branded pallets by handing them over to their clients.

As plastic pallets are an environmentally conscious option, and according to Logistics Management, plastic pallets are a wanted commodity, currently expanding in the logistics market.

According to Modern Materials Handling, Freedonia industry analyst, Zoe Biller, described the need for plastic pallets as being related to certain products and industries requiring increasingly advanced hygiene standards and best practices.

“Food safety regulations may have something to do with it going forward,” said Ms. Biller.

For more information on how EcoPallets can help you to deliver your goods at the highest standards to your clients, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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