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The collapsible OzCrate protects produce during shipping while reducing return journey costs.

How to reduce costs and increase hygiene when transporting goods

One of the key costs supply chains across all industries must account for is transportation. Both when shipping goods to clients and retrieving empty crates for reuse, expenses soon stack up with rising Australian fuel costs.

To minimise expenses, operations managers need to ensure they have the lightest crate available, while still ensuring it’s strong enough to hold the number of goods to be shipped. We think the new generation of collapsible plastic crates ticks all the boxes by combining durability with a slim lightweight design and exceptional hygiene standards.

Reducing supply chain transport costs with collapsible plastic crates

Your supply chain could benefit from a cost reduction of 50 per cent by introducing the OzCrate.

Perhaps one of the key reasons businesses rely on collapsible crates is the minimal storage space required when empty. Not only does this allow cost efficiencies in warehouse storage facilities, but it also represents opportunities to save in return transportation.

Eco Pallets’ new OzCrate design collapses to under 300 mm in height, meaning that up to eight of the slimline crates can stack together to significantly reduce the return journey cost per pallet. With most other collapsible pallets stacking in groups of three, your supply chain could benefit from a cost reduction of 50 per cent by introducing the OzCrate.

Similar savings are recognised in warehouse storage, where storing more empty crates in one space provides more room for ready-to-ship stock. To ensure warehouse safety, the OzCrate comes with notched legs that lock into Australian beam racking. And require little manual handling as they work with pallet jacks and forklifts.

Plastic shipping crates and hygiene across industries

Plastic crates and plastic pallets such as our Hygiene Pallet Series are used in industries across the country that rely on hygiene and cleanliness. Easy to clean, unable to retain moisture or mould, and offering a smooth finish that doesn’t cause splinter damage to products or handlers.  Plastic crates are a safe and reliable option when hygiene is key. OzCrate plastic crates are made from virgin plastic, making it durable, versatile and highly resistant to temperature fluctuations between -20 and 40 degrees Celsius.

They already support cleanliness and hygiene in a number of industries, such as:

  • Mining – Transporting key tools or mineral samples to remote mines without damage or contamination.
  • Laundry – Moving laundry between facilities for washing, ensuring clean linen arrives fresh.
  • Food – Delivering food and vegetable produce to suppliers across the country, refrigerating as required, and protecting contents with the optional lid and reinforced side panels.
  • Warehouse storage – Ensuring safe storage with an Australian standard locking system and sizing, with easy cleaning in case of spills, dust or other contamination.
  • Trade shows – Carrying key goods and products to trade shows, and enabling empty crates to be easily hidden out of sight.

Should you buy or hire collapsible crates?

Unless you’re fulfilling a temporary need in your business, owning your supply chain assets helps you reduce monthly expenditure. With one initial payment, the crate is your asset to deploy as required, as many times as needed and anywhere in your logistics network.

The ECO-OzCrate 2 and the ECO-OzCrate 3 makes ownership even easier, by allowing you to replace individual parts. With other crates, you may need to buy a new product should there be any serious breakage. But with the OzCrate, anyone can order and install replacement pieces. There’s no need to send the crate to a professional team or wait for a new crate to arrive. Your business downtime is minimal.

At Eco Pallets Australia, we’ll ship your new products within a matter of days for small orders, or within just a few weeks for large supplies. For more information about our ECO-OzCrates, view our collapsible crates range or contact a member of the team who will be happy to help.

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