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Eco Pallets can help improve your operations.

How collapsible crates can help your operations

When the Hyksos invaded Lower Egypt they brought with them new technology – the chariot. An effective mode of transportation and war tool, the Egyptians altered the original design. So, that the chariots could be collapsed and carried across difficult terrain when needed.

Whilst not quite on par with ancient warfare strategies, the concept of creating flexible structures to transport goods is still very current. Let’s take a look at ways modern-day industries can benefit from collapsible crate designs.

The Egyptians had The Egyptians had <yoastmark chariot designs.

Common issues 

Most pallets don’t fold down after being constructed. With roughly two billion wooden pallets used in the U.S. alone, that can not only lead to space capacity issues. But time inefficiencies as transporting and coordinating a specific pallet of goods can be rather difficult.

On top of the obvious space problem, operations may struggle to find crates adequately resistant to external influences, let alone sustainable in production or use. The diseconomies of inflexible pallets are therefore easily seen.

Luckily, Eco Pallets is one of the only companies offering a solution to these issues.

Eco Pallets offers Eco Pallets offers <yoastmark, flexible crate models.

Introducing Eco Pallets’ collapsible crates

At Eco Pallets we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. Because of this, we have found that clients looking to improve their operations on both a cost and quality point can benefit from our collapsible crate models.

Made from polypropylene and polyethylene, our dependable crate can service all your logistics needs through flexibility and chemical and impact resistance. More than that though, this particular design is also highly cost-effective. Because it is the most space-efficient, dependable and lightweight model on the market.

From an operations point of view, Eco Pallets’ product offers the distinct advantage of minimising storage bottlenecks and space capacity issues. Inventory costs are therefore reduced as less floor space is required. Additionally, their flexible design makes stacking multiple crates an easy feat.

Whether it is for improving space capacity to reducing costs. We offer a range of products fit to suit every transportation need you could have.

If you are looking to create a competitive advantage in an often-overlooked part of the business, why not look into collapsible crate solutions? You can start cutting down unnecessary time and cost involved with storage by using one of Eco Pallets’ products – so get in touch with us today.

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