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September Highlight: Eco Pallets at the Fine Food Show

Last month was a busy one for our team at Eco Pallets. In the midst of it all, we had the pleasure of attending the largest trade show in the southern hemisphere: the Fine Food Show in Melbourne.

Here is a brief summary of the show, what our team did there and what this means for your operations.

About the Fine Food Show

The Fine Food Show – which is Australia’s leading exhibition on the latest in the hospitality, retail and food service industries. It was hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this year.

With over 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe, the show was an excellent opportunity to view the latest trends in food, wares, packaging and technology. Our team was there to showcase the high hygienic standards of our pallets. This makes them ideal for overseas exporting to quarantine-restricted countries.

Eco Pallets had a stall at this year's Fine Food Show in Melbourne.Eco Pallets had a stall at this year’s Fine Food Show in Melbourne.

Eco Pallets’ experience this year

Our Director of Operations, Evan Retallack, describes this year’s show as one of the best ones yet.

“The highlight from this year’s show, I’d say, was the moment a client bought some of our pallets on the spot. It’s something that rarely, if ever, happens,” he says.

Retallack also suggests that feedback has shown just how valuable our products are to customers. And that there is potential for more product innovation happening in the coming months.

Our team had a fantastic time during the show.Our team had a fantastic time during the show.

What this means for you

As we always try to be as cost-efficient for our customers as possible. We use a combination of road and rail transportation for our products.

This not only allows us to be flexible in delivery methods but means that we always have a good capacity for immediate supply. Anything one of our local distribution centres doesn’t have in stock can easily be sent from our headquarters.

Standard stock levels vary between product lines, but we ensure a good spread across all variations – from collapsible crates to heavy-duty pallets. Additionally, our focus is on providing our customers with a product that meets their specific needs. We always strive to improve and develop new solutions based on the feedback we receive.

If your operations require you to transport, export or store products, we guarantee that we have a hygienic and high-quality solution for you. Have more questions or are interested in making the most of our range? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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