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Staying safe at work is important.

Eco Pallets making your employees safer in work safety month

Safety should be at the core of any operation, but especially for those with particularly physical work involved. 

This month, Safe Work Australia is putting special emphasis on keeping employees safe and healthy when working. Let’s take a look what this looks like in Australia’s business environment and how it can impact your workplace.

The initiative actively encourages organisations to utilise provided resources.

October is work safety month 

To promote conversation and awareness around health and safety at work, Safe Work Australia has dubbed October work safety month across the country.

The initiative actively encourages organisations to utilise provided resources, attend events and be involved on social media. Not only that, the campaign also prompts participants to share positive stories so as to help in the development of useful resources. 

At the end of the month, the involvement of businesses will be recognised with participation awards. 

Safety in Australia’s workplaces

While safety may seem like a topic constantly under discussion, there is still a lot of room for improvement. 

Work Safe Australia reports that there have been more deaths in Australia in 2016 so far than in all of 2015. Additionally, over 100,000 serious compensation claims were made last year, according to the Australian Workers Compensation Statistics. 

Nearly all – a whole 90 per cent – of the claims were due to injuries and musculoskeletal disorders, indicating the risk doing physical work, such as lifting wooden pallets, has on a person’s overall safety. Moreover, data from Safe Work’s Traumatic Injury Fatalities report emphasises the workplace safety risk of working with heavy objects, with 9 per cent of accidents involving falling objects. 

Eco Pallets' products are safe to handle.Eco Pallets’ products are safe to handle.

How Eco Pallets makes your workplace safer

Making your organisation a safer workplace can be as easy as improving a single action within the overall workflow. An effective approach, for example, is to mitigate injury-risk through better equipment. When moving large quantities of stock from one point to another on pallets, employees will likely have to lift heavy objects or grip rough surfaces, something that can be improved with one of Eco Pallet’s plastic pallets. 

Because our biodegradable pallets are moulded in one piece instead of multiple loose parts, handling is much safer for employees. Additionally, the lack of splinters, nails or sharp edges, as well as the fact that plastic pallets weigh up to 30 kilogrammes less than their wooden counterparts, reduces injury risk. 

To learn more about how Eco Pallets can help your business, get in touch with us today. 

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