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Are you ready to ship all over the world?

Is your business ready for the international shipping challenge?

In the early days of operating your business, you probably set your sights on simply dominating the local market. If consumers in your area know to come to you first over any of your regional competitors, that’s a sign that you’re doing something right. Eventually, though, you feel an inevitable urge to expand.

Importing and exporting across Australia’s border can get tricky, and it’s important to learn the ground rules first.

International shipping is the next step for a growing business. Once you’ve already explored the Australian market to the fullest, and you want to keep expanding, you’ve got to start looking abroad. Unfortunately, importing and exporting across Australia’s border can get tricky, and it’s important to learn the ground rules first.

What it takes to import and export

For a growing business, moving into international shipping represents a great way to take a step forward. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of laws governing importing and exporting that make it difficult for newer companies to get up to speed.

For example, according to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, it’s impossible to import goods into Australia without first getting the proper licensing and permits, plus educating all employees involved in the process on safety and compliance standards. As for exporting, there are numerous rules and regulations concerning what products are allowed to leave Australian soil and where they may go. It might take years of preparation just to ensure your operations are legal.

What countries are you targeting?

Perhaps the most important part of the planning process is figuring out which specific countries you’ll target with your marketing and sales strategies. This is important because every country has its own regulations. Shipping in Australia is one thing, but when you turn your attention abroad, there are all sorts of bizarre rules.

Everywhere on Earth, there are different shipping laws to observe.Everywhere on Earth, there are different shipping laws to observe.

For example, according to Practical Ecommerce, Vietnam makes it illegal for companies to import foreign calendars for commercial purposes. This law is so strange that you can’t possibly know it unless you take the time to carefully study the rules and prepare accordingly. No matter where you’re shipping, you have to do your homework.

Get the right shipping materials for the job

Of course, another important part of the shipping process is using the right materials. One great way to handle this step is to order plastic pallets, which offer an affordable and environmentally friendly way to ship anything, anywhere.

At Eco Pallets, we have a range of products available including not just plastic pallets, but also containment pallets, industrial supplies, plastic bulk containers and more. Contact us today to discuss your domestic and international shipping needs – we’re ready to find the material that’s best for you.

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