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Avoid unnecessary risk with plastic pallets.

Why are plastic pallets safer than wooden pallets?

Using plastic pallets to transport goods can offer many benefits, especially compared to those who are switching from a wooden pallet system but one vital aspect is increased safety.

There any many points to the plastic pallet that make it a safer option for companies, aside from reducing financial risk. As the product is more robust, made to a higher standard and more easily shipped overseas. The physical risks associated with manufacturing and shipping can also be lessened by using plastic pallets over wood.

Avoid injury

It can be said that back injuries are one of the most feared forms of workplace accidents, and arguably one of the most common. Many organisations such as Monash University, claim that the material handling of objects like shipping pallets is a great cause of back injury.

According to Australian Workers Compensation Statistics, the back was the area most often injured.  Accounting for 22 per cent of all serious claims, while the lower back accounted for 16 per cent.

Plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets. Therefore, are a lesser risk when it comes to back injuries associated with manual lifting.

Plastic pallets are also safer when being handled because there are no loose components or parts that can break away when lifted manually. There are also no nails, sharp edges or splinters that can cause potential injury to hands.

Eco Pallets plastic pallets make manual lifting safer.Eco Pallets plastic pallets make manual lifting safer.

Hygienic pallets

Food industry protocols surrounding safety are paramount as there is so much at risk. The reputation of the company, and even people’s lives, as food contamination can lead to the spread of diseases.

Plastic pallets offer great relief to many businesses that operate in the food industry. Because they offer superior performance when it comes to protecting the food from cross-contamination. Wooden pallets are more likely to harbour unwanted residues and contaminants than plastic pallets due to their material.

When operating in hygienic areas, such as clean rooms, dust and mould that are often associated with wooden pallets can be of real concern. All Eco Pallets pallet types eliminate these worries.

Furthermore, there are specific Hygienic Pallets that have been completely sealed, smoothed and have only enclosed surfaces. This removes any possibility of impurities accumulating in the pallet’s structure.

For more information on how Eco Pallets products can ensure your company is industry compliant, safe and contaminate-free, get in touch with us today.

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