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Plastic pallets are a more sustainable option.

Why sustainability is worth the investment

While a shift towards sustainability is already starting to change the competitive landscape, many companies are still reluctant to invest in innovative solutions. The cost point of implementing new technologies, processes and materials across operations, therefore, can be perceived as punitive.

However, a competitive advantage and long-term success is driven by early investments in approaches that provide both economic and qualitative advances in the future. So, what exactly are the operational benefits of sustainable options, and how do plastic pallets fit into the picture?

Plastic pallets offer an attractive solution with longevity, according to industry analyst Zoe Biller.

The benefits of sustainability

From a health and safety view alone, adhering to the highest environmental standards can give substantial first-mover advantage to businesses investing in future-oriented solutions ahead of competition.

Wood pallets, for example, need heat treatment and fumigation prior to being exported to ISPM 15-certified countries like the U.S.  This isn’t just time consuming, but highlights a complicated process involved in aiming for consistency, disregarding the negative impacts on natural resources. Plastic pallets on the other hand, which are made from recycled materials, offer an attractive plastic pallet solution with longevity, according to industry analyst Zoe Biller.

Organisations that take a holistic approach to the benefits of environmentally friendly materials, components and processes not only improve their public reputation, but in most cases reduce costs across the supply chain.

As traditional attitudes to doing business are eroded, and consumers place higher pressure on economical product design and value chains, businesses looking to stay competitive will be expected to invest appropriately.

Our plastic pallets are a great, more sustainable choice.Our plastic pallets are a great, more sustainable choice.

How Eco Pallets fits in

The benefits of Eco Pallets’ products can be seen in both handling and material.

One of the main advantages of our plastic pallets is the fact that they have ten times the working life span of their wooden counterparts. This averages out to a $0.05 cost per week for a medium-duty plastic pallet, guaranteeing return on investment.

Material wise, polyethylene and polypropylene pallets show superior resistance to weak acids and alkalis or moisture, even under hostile conditions. Despite an initially higher resource cost, Eco Pallets’ plastic pallets are up to 30kg lighter than other solutions, affecting transportation-related expenses positively.

Moreover, they are much more hygienic due to a lack of mould or dust contamination issues, something prevalent in pallets made from wood. The fact that plastic pallets can be washed or steam cleaned and reused multiple times adds to their attraction.

If you’re ready to take advantage of more sustainable pallet solutions, reach out to our team at Eco Pallets.

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