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Purchasing pallets instead of renting them can save you money in the longer term.

2 critical reasons to buy your own plastic pallets

It’s hard to overestimate just how critical pallets are to so many different industries around the world. From the fresh food you see in the supermarket to high-level industrial products, the chances are pretty high that almost everything you come into contact with will have been shipped on a pallet at some stage in its life. For businesses that need to ship goods, pallets therefore become a crucial part of operational processes.

However, it can still be a tricky decision as to whether you hire pallets or purchase your own. Here at Eco Pallets, we firmly believe that buying is the best option, and in this article we’ll look at two key reasons why.

The risk of contamination can be reduced through the use of plastic pallets that are owned by your company.

Avoiding contamination

The biggest concern that many businesses have when shipping products is avoiding contamination. For many reasons, this is why plastic pallets have become so widely used. Unlike wood, they can be easily cleaned to remove bacteria, and there’s no risk of splinters or other physical contaminants such as nails.

However, the risk of contamination can be even further reduced through the use of plastic pallets that are owned by your company. When you rent, you have no real control over the other products that may have been shipped previously on the same surface, which introduces the potential for cross-contamination, especially if you’re reliant on a third party to clean the pallets between uses. When you purchase your own shipping products from Eco Pallets, you can have full control over the different products that come into contact with the plastic, as well as the cleaning process.

A long lifespan actually makes plastic pallets a very sensible investment. A long life span actually makes plastic pallets a very sensible investment.

A high return on investment

Most people perceive cost as the biggest barrier to purchasing their own plastic pallets, but the truth is, it’s actually possible to operate more cost effectively than if you were hiring. This is because of the very long life span that plastic pallets have – in many cases lasting for more than 10 times as long as wooden counterparts. In addition, plastic won’t break down over time like wood, so you can enjoy consistent strength and load-bearing capacity over the entire life of your pallets.

When you add up a decade’s worth of hiring costs and compare that to purchasing a pallet, it’s pretty clear that you can save a lot of time, stress and money by simply investing in the best solution from the get go. To find out more about the perfect plastic pallets for your business, contact us today.

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