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Eco Pallets

Are Eco Pallets Environmentally Friendly?

In a recent press release from Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants, a chain in the US, the organization announced its recent switch from cardboard pallets to reusable plastic pallets (Eco Pallets).

“I’m really proud of the steps we’re taking now. And the steps we will take in the future to make Frisch’s a model for what being an environmentally conscious brand looks like,” says Jason Vaughn, Frisch’s CEO.

Many businesses prefer to use plastic pallets, as the life cycle is considerably longer than that of a wooden pallet. Wooden pallets are also limited in their ability to be recycled. And there is even a ban in some parts of the world on the landfilling of wooden pallets, for example in North Carolina.

So, Yes Eco Pallets are environmentally friendly without any doubt!!!

From savings to sustainability, there are many benefits from switching to plastic pallets. Learn more about the true environmental cost of wooden pallets.

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