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Reusable plastic crates

Can Reusable Plastic Crates Help Reduce Logistics Costs?

When expenditure increases or profit drops, many companies will look at their logistics operations to cut costs. Your first step might be talking to shipping companies and suppliers, including plastic pallet suppliers, to see if you have any potential deals available to you.

By taking a closer look at your shipping materials, you might find that you can cut costs with reusable plastic crates. Solid plastic crates are durable and make for an excellent long-lasting solution, with savings between 40-70 per cent, according to GWP Group.

The Benefits Of Reusable Plastic Crates

If you’d benefit from these advantages of using plastic crates, then it is worth considering their usage.

1) Reduce Sourcing Costs

With reusable plastic crates, you eliminate the costs involved in breaking down and disposing of single-use materials. Whether that’s in man hours or outsourced contracts, it could represent significant savings in your supply chain.

Of course, by sticking to reusable materials, you only have to buy the plastic crates once. Resulting in decreasing the shipping cost with immediate effect.

In addition, if you have a two-way logistics system, you don’t have to buy containers for anything being shipped on the return journey. Your reusable items are being sent back to you anyway, so if you need to ship something with them, you only have to determine additional rates.

Buy your reusable plastic crates once, and get your systems moving. Reusable plastic crates can reduce your logistics costs.

reusable plastic crates

2) Improve Internal Systems

Both Rigid Crates and Foldable Plastic Crates work with automated systems. This has become all but necessary as so many companies have automated systems in place now. Knowing that your plastic crates will be reused. It allows automated systems to be set up appropriately and for the foreseeable future. Single-use options carry the risk that your supplier is going to change the size or shape of their product. For which, a re-program of your systems is required.

In industries such as food or pharmaceuticals, plastic pallets and crates equate to far less risk in terms of hygiene and contamination. Being able to control the cleaning cycle of your plastic containers is important for constant superb hygiene.

When compared to containers such as cardboard boxes, both plastic crates and plastic pallets can handle much heavier weights. This may allow you to consolidate some shipping and get around issues with what your workers can manually handle.

3) Can Handle Changes To Your Shipping Journey

Unlike wooden pallets and many other bulk containers, plastic reusable crates can withstand a high degree of temperature fluctuation, which means they fit into different logistics systems. If your shipment needs to be in a cool room or is being shipped to a hot country, your reusable plastic crates will stand up to the change.

Reusable plastic crates can reduce your logistics costs.
Your reusable plastic crates can withstand changes to your shipping chain.

Knowing that you have a large supply of shipping crates that can handle any changes. You need to make your shipping logistics truly valuable.

4) Lightweight Enough To Reduce Shipping or Logistics Costs

Plastic boxes are lightweight when compared to wooden crates, cutting shipping weight and their rates. Investing in your own reusable plastic crates guarantees you consistent shipping costs. This can be planned by the business and can factor into financial analysis.

To discuss which of our plastic pallets and crates can help your business reduce supply chain costs, talk to the Eco Pallets team today.

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