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Plastic pallets can be more effective if you are exporting goods.

3 Ways Exporters Can Benefit From Eco Pallets Products

Effective exporting requires more than meeting legal requirements for quarantine restricted countries such as China, Argentina or South Africa. Our biodegradable pallets offer businesses a competitive advantage by reducing bottlenecks and increasing overall efficiency.

3 Benefits From Exporting With Eco Pallets

Here, we have summarised three ways Eco Pallets products can benefit your operations.

Eco Pallet's products are ideal if you are exporting.Eco Pallet’s products are ideal if you are exporting.

1. Price 

We recognise that there are many costly variables going into exporting goods. It is, therefore, a strategic approach of Eco Pallets to offer our products at a competitive price as well as superior quality.

With extensive experience in the finance, logistics and transportation areas, we have designed our plastic pallets to reduce long-term cost. Eco Pallets’ biodegradable products are an investment – one plastic pallet can have a working cost of only $0.07 per week.

Our biodegradable pallets can further last up to 10years, and they exceed wooden pallets’ capabilities in terms of longevity and sturdiness in a closed-loop cycle.

2. Delivery

In a globalised world, time is of the essence regarding supply and demand. This is where our ability to supply pallets directly to the market in an instant comes in as a major advantage.

Because our standard on-ground stock quantity is an average 40 foot-high cube – varying across product lines – we can offer direct supply to our clients. While the number of export pallets, heavy duty pallets and collapsible crates changes with demand, we are usually able to deliver for specific needs.

To do so, we have one to two containers of stock available in each state. Any product our local team may not be able to deliver directly, however, can be ordered and shipped directly from our headquarters.

3. Durability

The sturdy nature of biodegradable plastic pallets stems from the moulding process, where extreme pressure in production leads to more durability overall. This advantage in production also means that Eco Pallets products have higher storage efficiency.

As such, each pallet can store up to three times as much product in weight than their wooden counterparts. More than that though, our products ensure that lifting and handling the pallets is safer for employees because there is no risk of splinters or other elements causing injuries.

Are you looking to make your operations not only cost effective but more efficient overall? Reach out to our friendly team today if you are in the export business.

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