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plastic pallet storage temperature

What Is The Lowest Temperature I Can Store My Eco Pallets Pallets At?

Many industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food, require pallets to be temporarily, or always stored within a fridge or freezer. Our plastic pallets are therefore ideal, as they can be comfortably stored at a temperature of -30 °Celsius, which equates to -22 °Fahrenheit.

Plastics can store frozen items or specific deep-freeze formulations for dependable pharmaceutical distribution. With Eco Pallets it’s not difficult to choose the right pallet for your merchandise.

Solid wood can work for heavy-duty warehouse racking, but it’s exposed to wetness and other moisture-related concerns. Not all plastics are created equal either. Some can grow weak as the temperature drops. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality plastic pallet for your cold storage needs.

Keep Frozen Items Safe: Eco Pallets Australia’s Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage ranges are high-quality plastic pallets ideal for your cold storage and transportation needs.

Learn more about racking and storage in our pallet stacking and storage article.

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