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Regulation changes are an opportunity to consider new pallets.

Semi-trailer regulation changes offers opportunity for new pallets

Organisations involved in shipping within Australia will soon be able to reap the benefits of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) changes, which were recently announced by the Australian government.

Put forth at the beginning of February, Minister for Major Projects Paul Fletcher explained that there will no longer be a requirement for the rear bumpers of semi-trailers to be painted with a white coating. In many cases, this would mean paying to paint the bumper a different colour than the rest of the trailer body.

More than 4,500 semi-trailers are manufactured in Australia every year.

He said that the changes were requested by the Australian Trucking Association, and could save the industry a significant amount. While there’s no firm figure, savings of around $12.4 million are possible over the course of the next decade.

“More than 4,500 semi-trailers are manufactured in Australia every year and they will no longer require the extra step in production to paint the rear bumper a different colour to the main trailer body,” Mr Fletcher said.

The minister then went on to state that the changes have been implemented following a careful review on behalf of Australian state and territory governments. What’s more, he said that there will be no impact on vehicle safety when these trailers are out on the road.

An opportunity for transport improvement

With freight organisations likely to see reduced operating expenses in the very near future, there’s an opportunity to improve another area of transport – the actual pallets that are transported throughout Australia in these semi-trailers. The answer? taking a look at the benefits of plastic pallets.

The Eco Pallets range are environmentally-friendly and able to move products anywhere that’s required while ensuring they’re kept free from harm. Given that they’re constructed out of high-quality plastics, these pallets bring a number of advantages that older wooden pallets are simply unable to match.

Plastic pallets are an excellent way to improve freight operations.Plastic pallets are an excellent way to improve freight operations.

For example, they’re extremely hygienic, with enclosed and smooth surfaces that prevent any mould or dust from entering the structure. This is something that’s especially useful when transporting food, chemicals and oils.

UV resistance is also a stand-out feature. Wooden pallets are susceptible to warping damage when left in the sun for extended periods of time, something that’s understandably a problem when it comes time to pack them away or lift them using a fork lift. The structure of a plastic pallet remains unchanged when left out in the heat.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team today to learn more about your pallet options for domestic and international shipping.

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