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Sustainable processes are valued by consumers.

How Eco Pallets can enhance your sustainable image?

In the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) landscape, keeping up with industry success factors is imperative. You must make the right decisions to delight your customers and outperform your competitors to ensure your business thrives. So let’s think about one success factor in particular – sustainability – and let’s explore how biodegradable pallets can enhance this pillar of your business.

What does sustainability mean to Australians?

We all know the textbook definition of people, planet, and profit, but how do your customers really understand it? In “Sustainable Australia?” a report commissioned by the Rainforest Alliance, 19 per cent of Australians viewed profits as an integral part of sustainability, whereas over 75 per cent primarily thought about the planet. Sustainability is, according to the average Australian, very much about the environment. This is what Sara thinks, a regional Australian whose idea was showcased in the report:

“[Sustainability is] the idea of treading softly on our planet. It involves the effective use of available resources so they are not depleted and can be used in the future,” wrote Sara.

How much does it matter to consumers?

A 2009 study on consumer attitudes towards sustainability in New Zealand revealed that consumers perceived wines that were produced using “environmentally sustainable practices” to be better quality than those that weren’t. Published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, the researchers found that 82 per cent of respondents believed that sustainable practices would increase the price of the end product but almost 73.4 per cent were prepared to pay more – 60 per cent evenly split between paying an additional 5 or 10 per cent!

Three-quarters of consumers are willing to may for sustainable produced wines.Almost three-quarters of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainably produced wines.

How do you communicate it to consumers?

The same study identified that over two-thirds of consumers intentionally buy environmentally-friendly products and 93 per cent want to be able to deduce the producer’s efforts from the label. This basically means that consumers want to know how sustainable your organisation is. They want to read it on the label so they can reap the symbolic benefits of indirectly supporting sustainability themselves. Therefore, incorporating all aspects of your efforts into your point-of-purchase communication could be the distinction between consumers choosing your products above your competitors.

How can Eco Pallets help you?

Something as simple as endorsing environmentally-friendly shipping processes, especially in the FMCG industry, can contribute to your portfolio of sustainable practices and enhance your organisation’s image.

Because Eco Pallets has a plethora of environmental and economic benefits (discussed extensively in our blog on types of plastic pallets), making the shift can add substance to your sustainability programme. If you’d like to know more, get in touch today.

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