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Don't let moisture cost your business - prevent container rain from damaging your goods.

How container rain can dampen your shipping success

If your business relies on regular overseas shipping, you understand the importance of being able to deliver goods in a timely manner, preserved to best quality. If you fail to take steps to prevent the decay of your goods or shipping pallets, you may arrive at your destination with as much as 10 per cent of your container cargo unfit for sale or use according to Greencarrier Freight.

Taking steps to prevent decay is vital – you can lose up to 10 per cent of your cargo if you don't.

Protecting the integrity of your operations involves investing in products that won't be affected by shipping issues such as container rain. That's where Eco Pallets has a solution.

What is container rain?

Container rain is common in shipping, and nearly unavoidable. High levels of moisture in the air of your container cool and condense into water, leading to streaming from the walls and ceiling. It's a common issue that can cost your operations thousands.

How can container rain dampen your success?

  • It can rot your goods

If the goods you are shipping are a sharply different temperature to your container or you are loading your cargo in humid conditions, the risk of container rain will be high. If this happens, edible goods can be seriously compromised by high bacterial levels. Similarly, other valuable goods can still be corroded, rot or rust. This can lead to costly wastage. Using plastic pallets minimises the chance of a buildup of moisture in your container that you may get with certain kinds of wood.

Excessive moisture can rot wood over time, damaging your goods and shipping pallets.Excessive moisture can rot wood over time, damaging your goods and shipping pallets.

  • It can deteriorate you shipping pallets

Shipping pallets are an investment in your operation – investing in the best product that will last the longest is a hallmark of a good business owner. All wood contains a small level of moisture that can be released when your cargo container is heated by direct sun, contributing to increased container rain.

Additionally, wood, even if it is treated, can be rotted or warped by excessive moisture. This means your pallets could become structurally unsound, which could lead to damaged goods, as well as wasted money in paying for unsuitable wooden pallets.

What can I do about it?

Although container rain is difficult to avoid, it can be helped by ventilating your shipping crate throughout your journey, or including a dehumidifying unit. However, one of the most effective solutions is investing in pallets that won't contribute to moisture build up, or become structurally unsound if exposed to container rain. 

Consider recyclable plastic shipping pallets as an alternative for your shipping operations. Contact the Eco Pallets team for more information.

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