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Plastic collapsible pallets keep your logistics operations flexible.

How Plastic Collapsible Crates Improve The Flexibility Of Logistics Operations


A successful logistics operation is one that gets the product to its endpoint as smoothly as possible, with minimal cost. Flexibility in these operations is important in order to meet ever-changing demands from customers, Investors and higher up the management chain.

When orders increase or drop, you need to be able to meet demand or cut costs efficiently. A successful logistics operation requires an understanding of all parts of the chain, from human resources to shipping requirements.

Plastic collapsible crates represent flexibility by giving your logistics team the ability to roll with demand and be prepared for any kind of change. They minimise costs during lower periods of productivity and provide a longer-term investment than their wooden alternative.

Here are six reasons why you should choose plastic collapsible crates to improve your logistics operations.

Plastic collapsible crates allow your operations to change direction going forward.

1) Shipping locations – You can’t predict the future, and that includes where your customers will be or what they’ll want. Your sales team might identify an opening in a primary market or your consumer base may spread across states or continents. Wooden crates require fumigation and the appropriate certification to pass through customs in countries around the world.

Ensuring your wood is properly certified can take time and money, and failing a customs check may mean you miss your delivery deadlines. Plastic collapsible crates stop these worries and allow your operations to change direction going forward and at short notice.

plastic collapsible cratesPlastic collapsible crates can make your logistics operation flexible.

2) Reduce shipping costs – When your items reach their destination, getting collapsible crates back is cheaper because they take up much less space. You can lower overall shipping costs and continue to meet demand at minimal expense. Combined with lower fumigation costs and the ability to withstand changing temperatures and moisture conditions, collapsible plastic crates present a flexible and cost-effective shipping process.

3) Minimise storage requirements – Collapsible containers enable you to ship large items without taking up much room when not in use. They save storage space, making more room for stock, or letting you to reduce the size of your storage facility. Higher stock levels mean you can meet customer demand more quickly, while reduced storage allows you to keep more cash available for daily operations. Collapsible crates are easy to break down and put together too and can be stored outside if required.

Some More Reasons to Improve Logistics Operations

4) Cut excess packaging – Folding crates are heavy-duty and protect your goods during transportation, so you don’t have to use bubble wrap and another packaging. You can reduce costs and know that your shipping won’t be affected if your packaging supplier changes their offer. Wooden pallets or wire crates require their load to be protectively wrapped and your entire operation can grind to a halt if something goes wrong.

Cut out possible delays with shipping by ensuring you have your own reusable supply of collapsible crates.

5) Available in a variety of sizes – There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to collapsible crates. You can opt for small, medium or large, or have a variety of sizes on hand to suit different items and shipping needs. Using plastic boosts safer handling and is clean enough to meet strict food and pharmaceutical standards. They also come with lids and vent covers to help you safely ship any variety of products.

6) Reusable – It’s important to keep your operations moving all the time. Cut out possible delays with shipping by ensuring you have your own reusable supply of collapsible crates. When you’re relying on other providers to keep providing you with new pallets or crates, you run the risk of their delivery problems impacting your ability to meet demands. Having your own supply makes sure you’re ready to ship whenever you need to.

To discuss your logistics operations and how our crates can increase your flexibility, talk to the expert team at Eco Pallets today.

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