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Recycling plastic shipping pallets is not only possible but is an economical and environmentally friendly way to reduce your shipping waste.

Can you recycle used plastic pallets?

Plastic shipping pallets have a great number of advantages for all industries. Lightweight, stackable and easy to clean, their use is steadily boosting amongst Australian exporters. However, when dealing with this new material, many remain unsure as to how to treat old pallets. Arguably one of the biggest benefits of plastic shipping pallets, as opposed to the traditional wooden alternatives, is their recyclable nature. Not only are many already formed from recycled materials but once retired, high-quality plastic is a sought-after material that can continue to provide utility. As well as being easy to recycle, plastic pallets can provide a number of business benefits beyond simply removing redundant pallets.

The commercial sector in Australia produces around 17.1 million tonnes of waste in a year.

The benefits of plastic pallet recycling

  1. The unmistakable winner in plastic pallet recycling is the environment. With the commercial sector in Australia produces around 17.1 million tonnes of waste in a year. 7 million of which is destined for landfill, according to the Inside Waste Industry Report, the elimination of pallet waste by companies is a huge step forward.
  2. Heat molded, unaffected by moisture and retaining their tactile strength, plastic pallets are in demand by a variety of recyclers and pallet companies. The value of the initial material means that most companies will pick up used pallets for free or even offer payment for them. This means that not only are you able to recycle your used pallets easily and free of charge. But you also stand a good chance of being monetarily rewarded for doing so.
  3. The majority of Australian states now impose levies for landfill in an effort to drive recycling. By sending plastic pallets for reuse rather than to landfills, firms are able to avoid these levies altogether. Furthermore, by cutting shipping waste that would ordinarily be destined for landfill, companies no longer need to pay out for waste transportation – because, as mentioned above, the majority of recycling firms will pick up plastic pallets free of charge.
  4. As the impact of environmental damage is becoming clearer, governments and customers alike are turning to business leaders to find sustainable solutions. Companies who invest in recycling strategy are likely to gain brand reputation.
Recycling plastic shipping pallets is beneficial to business as well as the environment.There are many business benefits to recycling shipping pallets.

How to recycle your plastic pallets

There are a number of reputed recycling companies and pallet producers who specialise in reusing plastic shipping pallets. Here at Eco Pallets, we provide free pallet pick-up and also offer payment for pallets you would like to recycle. To arrange your pallet pick up or to enquire further about our service, get in contact with Eco Pallets today.

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