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What makes plastic pallets more efficient?

Increase Warehousing Efficiency With Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets, more than anything else, have become the unsung workhorses of warehouses and supply chains worldwide.

On the warehouse floor, plastic warehouse pallets work behind the scenes to improve the efficiency of the internal workings within the space. Here are just a few of the many ways they do so:

They’re the glue that connects retailers, distributors, manufacturers and transportation and logistics service providers across numerous industries according to Inbound Logistics Magazine.

What makes plastic the ideal pallet choice?
What makes plastic the ideal pallet choice?

Warehouse Efficiency Benefits Of Plastic Pallets

1. Space Saving

The ability to manufacture hundreds of custom plastic pallets to specific dimensions means that items can be stacked with much greater efficiency in a warehouse, saving on valuable floor space.

Unlike wooden pallets where stacking can sometimes feel like playing a game of Tetris, warehouse managers know exactly how much space their plastic pallets will take once inside, and can calculate the area needed much more effectively. Plastic pallet users can even customise the dimensions of their pallets, to achieve an even greater use of available warehouse space.

2. Improves cleanliness

Keeping warehouses clean and free from contamination is important, and so is knowing that the pallet material won’t be introducing any contaminants of its own. Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned. Without the cracks and grooves of wood pallets, it is much harder for dirt, debris and microorganisms to accumulate.

Manufacturers using plastic pallets have the peace-of-mind of increasing the overall sanitation within their supply chain. Hygienic pallets go one step further, with an entirely smooth surface to ensure no contaminants can linger.

3. Durability

Stretching out the lifecycle of pallet material helps to reduce transportation overheads. Inside a crowded warehouse, a robust yet lightweight material such as plastic is able withstand the knocks and bruises of a busy warehouse floor, without breaking or damaging its surroundings.

“Compared to wood, plastic pallets cause less equipment damage and fewer employee injuries, and they last longer,” says Mr. Most.

4. Ease of transport

Goods are often moved around within a warehouse before they reach their final destination.

Choosing a lightweight transportation material such as plastic can make moving goods from one place to another much easier for those involved, saving time and money in internal logistics.

There are many more reasons why plastic pallets are the right choice for transportation materials, no matter what industry your business services.

To find out more about our custom range of plastic pallets, get in touch with the Eco Pallets team today.

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