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One-third of workplace injuries in Australia are caused by manual handling items such as heavy wooden pallets.

Reduce Your Workplace Health And Safety Risk With Plastic Pallets

You’ve probably heard about the plethora of benefits from using plastic pallets. But something that companies often don’t consider is how the investment can make your workplace a safer environment and reduce the likelihood of occupational injuries.

Injuries in Australian workplaces

Safe Work Australia reported on serious workers’ compensation claims drawing from over a decade of health and safety incidents. On average, one out of every 100 workers made a serious workers’ compensation claim in 2011/12. Agriculture, forestry and fishing employees were twice as likely to file a claim, and labourers were almost three times more likely, with 28.3 incidents occurring for every 1,000 employees.

One-third of claims resulted from muscular stress from lifting or handling objects. Generally, these were back injuries, but other common places were hands, shoulders, and knees. Thus, there is a clear reason why Australia has strict workplace health and safety standards – but it isn’t just to protect workers physically, it’s also to protect the financial interests of employers.

The SWA report found that whilst the number of claims had decreased 27 per cent over the decade, the median compensation paid out for each claim rose 60 per cent. Furthermore, the injured workers were out of action for an average of five weeks of work.

Eco pallets are crafted to be a safer alternative to their wooden counterpartsEco pallets are crafted to be a safer alternative to their wooden counterparts.

How Eco Pallets can reduce your risk

Manual handling incidents are a leading cause of workplace injuries. The Better Health Channel states that one in three injuries that occur in Australian workplaces are caused by manual handling, from musculoskeletal disorder to fractures and minor cuts. While for many organisations the manual handling of pallets is an absolute necessity, adjusting the core merchandise can have a positive impact on workplace health and safety.

Consider that regular sized Eco Pallets Export Pallet Series start at a weight of 7.5 kg. That is less than one-fifth of a 45 kg wooden pallet of the same functional specifications. Because many chronic injuries are caused by continuous heavy lifting, plastic pallets can offer a solution to reducing risks associated with manually stacking or shifting heavyweight wooden pallets.

Furthermore, using plastic pallets can also make acute and minor injuries far less likely as well. As they are totally void of wood and nails – which can cause splinters, small wounds and even tetanus if your workers are not correctly protected – plastic pallets are a safer solution and sensible alternative to wooden pallets.

If you are interested in switching to plastic pallets and tightening up the safety at your workplace, then check out Eco Pallet’s extensive plastic pallet product catalogue today.

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