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Pallet Branding is important

The Benefits Of Pallet Branding

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We all live a branded existence: Our food, our schools, our politics and our transport, and even our personalities and careers are part of the brand that we project to the world. The same goes for your plastic pallet branding.

In this highly competitive world, we are saturated with logos and messages, so it’s important to get your name out there in any way you can.

And one of the better ways to do this is with promotional branding.

3 Key Benefits of Branding Your Pallets

Branded pallets take your marketing message into every market they enter.

There are many ways to use promotional branding with your product – for example, on transportation such as ‘wrapping’ trucks or having your brand name on the packaging of your product or plastic pallet – a brand should look at any method it can to put its name and image to use.

Gillian Garside-Wight, packaging technology director at Sun Branding Solutions, in a recent article for Packaging News, discussed how, for designers and packaging experts, the mix must be delivered evenly between protection and branding.

Where branding in the shipping chain saves you dollars, is in its ability to deliver messages for you.

1. Expand the reach of your brand: 

Instead of trying to spread expensive marketing campaigns across multiple countries, let your shipping pallets speak for you. Embossing your logo on high-quality plastic pallets means every person in the supply chain will come across your branding, increasing your consumer touch points. Even the workers loading your products onto pallet racks build up awareness of your brand.

2. Reinforce your brand promises: 

Your products are ultimately going to arrive at your target audience. Whatever your marketing message promises, your branded pallets can go a long way to proving it. Imagine your shipment arrives a day ahead of when you promised – your logo becomes synonymous with reliability which makes you stand out over your competitors. 

3. Reduce loss:

On a practical level, branding your plastic pallets means they are easily identifiable as yours. With so many pallets being shipped every day, getting them back to the right person can get complicated. Displaying your brand means your pallets should work their way back to you without complication and allow you to recycle them.

Pallet Branding is Essential for Exporters

A brand strategy for exporters is essential for a number of reasons; to increase awareness, to impress and influence current suppliers and, importantly, to attract future suppliers.

The American Marketing Association recommends printing slogans and tag lines onto packaging promotional material. Although this relates more to fast-moving consumer goods, it could be nonetheless an inventive way to add more information to your branding efforts.

Aside from social media, which seems to take over the conversation whenever branding is concerned, physically getting your image out there on pallets can cross geographical and language boundaries that often social media can’t.

If exporting to China or somewhere where your promotional campaigns have less traction, branding your packaging and shipping materials can be an essential step in cross-cultural brand recognition.

A brand strategy for exporters is essential for several reasons:

  • to increase awareness
  • to impress and influence current suppliers
  • to attract future suppliers.

Effective branding is all in the details, as Forbes branding expert William Arruda recommends having a brand that interacts with consumers at various touch points. Each touch point should ideally communicate a message that will have a positive impact on the brand.

He uses the example of Apple, which focuses on every detail of its branding, carefully designing the Apple logo onto every touch point of the operation of the brand.

Your plastic shipping pallets cover thousands of kilometres, multiple countries and an immeasurable number of people. They are the perfect way to get your brand recognised worldwide, without having to launch a global advertising campaign.

Why Brand Recognition Is So Important

Every product you send out into the world is an opportunity to represent your business.

Whatever your business, branding matters. A consumer forms an opinion about a business based on every single interaction and point of contact. It’s not just about making sure your employees look the part or your emails are professional. Every product you send out into the world is an opportunity to represent your business the way you want to be seen.

Your customers buy into your brand based on what they think your brand stands for. When you design and distribute marketing materials, you are creating something that inspires consumers to think of your company as a credible, professional and reliable organisation. Poorly designed merchandise will make you look like you can’t manage even the smallest of tasks well.

Shipping Companies Finally See The Importance Of Branding

Across almost every industry, branding is the differentiator between one product or service and its competitors. However, there’s one that has been a bit of a holdout for some time now, and they’re just starting to get around the importance of the discussion –  the shipping industry.

Is branding really important to shipping companies, though? Let’s investigate.

The importance of the brand 

A brand has become a lot more than recognisable colours and logos. True, if we said red and yellow, you’d probably immediately think of McDonald’s, likewise, if we said green and white one of the first companies that would spring to mind would probably be Starbucks. But what do you think of when you envision those brands? Perhaps there’s now a rumble in your stomach, or you’re feeling under-caffeinated. Beyond that, these are brands that you’ve likely come to trust as a source of tasty food and drink.

The fundamentals of a brand come from the business’s core values and does everything in its power to attract loyal customers – even on the back end of the business, like in shipping.

The shipping industry catching on 

London International Shipping Week discussed the power of the brand in a panel of experts run by Nick Blythe, Executive Director for leading global marine and energy at BLUE Communications.

“Over the past 10 years, many companies that span the shipping supply chain have realised the importance of having a positive reputation; that it genuinely matters in business what people think of you. It sounds simplistic but if people like, trust, respect and relate to your company, they are far more likely to buy from, work for, work with, and invest in you,” explained Mr Blythe.

25 per cent of purchasing decision-making process comes from – you guessed it – brand.

But for those who think the brand doesn’t have anything to do with the shipping industry, consider this. Mr Blythe further explains that in the transport and logistics sectors, 25 per cent of purchasing decision-making process comes from – you guessed it – a brand.

Branding in the shipping industry should be easy. That’s why Eco Pallets allows you to rebrand pallets to correspond with your own branding needs. No matter the size of your order, we are here to personalise it, making your external and internal branding one cohesive story.

Eco Pallets Offers Pallet Branding Services

If you’re wanting to personalise your Eco Pallets order, we can brand and customise your pallets and crates to ensure your company’s image is highly visible while transiting your goods.

Pallet Branding Service List:

  • spraying
  • silk screening
  • embossing on any size order.

Eco Pallets’ branding solutions include silk screening and embossing and are available on any order. To ensure your company’s brand is as far-reaching as your pallets, get in touch with our team today to find out more about our range of products.

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