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Our services extends further than just plastic pallets.

Eco Pallets: Not Just About The Plastic

Innovation is the cornerstone of business success. With technology and global markets always improving, enterprise leaders must take practical steps to ensure their product reaches their destinations on time and in the highest possible quality.

For many businesses, this means investing in smart solutions such as plastic pallets. According to, plastic pallets are set to grow in most national markets over the coming years as leaders look for cost-effective and hygienic ways to transport their products.

However, at Eco Pallets, we are committed to providing a service wider than just plastic pallets. With this in mind, here are two ways we support your overall business objectives.

1) Corporate Branding of Plastic Pallets

Most industries in Australia are very crowded which means it is easy to blend into the crowd. However, with corporate branded plastic pallets, your business can capture an audience and increase awareness of your sector’s presence.

According to Visually, corporate branding could also boost brand recognition and improve engagement with potential customers.

At Eco Pallets, we understand these benefits and offer a full branding service for your order. Including everything from spraying, silk screening and embossing, you can ensure your pallets are ready to hit the road and showcase your business, brand, message and products.

2) High-Pressure Cleaning

Depending on your industry, your plastic pallets can get quite dirty over time. If this is the case, it will be extremely difficult for your products to be accepted into quarantine areas or through overseas borders.

In fact, this is a problem that many businesses run into. As a result, there can be delays to project timelines and be extremely costly in some situations.

To avoid these issues, Eco Pallets offers high-pressure cleaning to all used pallets. Regardless of the number or destination, we can ensure your pallets are of the highest standard possible.

For more information about what Eco Pallets can offer, contact our team today.

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